Monday, November 26, 2007

Tenting Of Hemidiaphragm

noi che....

us that penance was' letter will say to kiss. We
shoes that had four wheels and stretched when the foot was growing. We
that those who left the longest trail in the braking with the bike was the coolest. Hello We
that lit riding.
We who rings the doorbell to ask if there was the friend at home. We
that after the first game was a rematch, and then the beautiful, and then the beautiful beautiful. We
we played 'Guess Who?' and knew all the characters by heart. We used to play that
Strength 4.
We were playing with names, things, animals, cities (and the city with the D was always Domodossola).
We who are still missing four figures to finish the album Panini. We
we had the 'secret place' with the 'secret passage'.
We also had fun doing that '1, 2.3 Stella! '.
We were playing to 'shit' with the cards.
We ate that if the tape cassette, and we had to rewind the tape with bic. We
we had beautiful cartoons! We
that 'Yes, but only if Julian Ross was not a heart condition would be stronger than Holly and Mark Lenders ...'
us who watched 'The House On The Prairie', 'Candy Candy' and 'George' also if they put sadness. We
that the jokes were Peter, the fantasmaformaggino or a Frenchman, a German and an Italian. We
that excites us for a kiss on the cheek. We
that went into the cabin to call.
We expect that there was a Polaroid, and you saw the photo. We
that it was not Christmas if the TV did not see the Coke commercial with the tree.
that if we watched the film of the 20:30 we went to bed very late. We
we played the bell and then run away. We
we peel the knee, we sat chromium, mercury, and most had more red was cool.
We did that in the photos of trips and the horns were always smiling. We who
There was the time when a school of gymnastics left home in overalls. We
that we went to school alone, and walked back alone. We
that if a school the teacher gave you a slap, I gave you my mother 2. We
the teacher at school that if you put a note in his diary, was the terror at home.
We did that research in the library, not on Google. We
that the 'Chernobyl disaster' means that we could not drink milk in the morning.
that we could stay out in the afternoon bike. We
that if you went into the street was not so dangerous.
We who knew they were about to start because the 4 BIM BUM BAM.
We knew that dinner was ready now because there was Happy Days.
Noi che il primo novembre era 'Tutti i santi', mica Halloween.
Noi che a scuola con lo zaino Invicta e la Smemoranda.
Noi che se la notte ti svegliavi e accendevi la tv vedevi il segnale di interruzione delle trasmissioni con quel rumore fastidioso.
Noi che all'oratorio le caramelle costavano 50 lire.
Noi che si suonava la pianola Bontempi.
Noi che la Ferrari era Alboreto, la Mc Laren Prost, la Williams Mansell, la Lotus Senna e Piquet e la Benetton Nannini!!!!!
Noi che la merenda era la girella e il Billy all'arancia.
Noi che le macchine avevano la targa nera.. i numeri bianchi.. e la sigla della provincia in arancione!!
Noi che guardavamo allucinati il futuro nel "Drive In" con i paninari.
Us that the Twix was called Raider and was competition to Mars.
We were playing with the Super Tele because the Tango still cost 5000 lire e.. 'Are you sure this does not fly ...' We
that the All Star bought in the market to 10,000 pounds.
We have a divorced parent that was impossible. We tiravamo
that the sticky hands of the chips on the hair of females and on the walls. We
we had all the blue bomber jacket, black, silver and green and orange with the inside miniciccioli in the pocket. We
that if you were rejected in a third media could come by and you were a cool Fifty Madonna!
WE ARE MEMBER these things and do not even imagine WHAT OTHERS HAVE LOST!


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