Thursday, November 6, 2008

Registeringa Boat Trailer In Ontario

Win an iPod nano with High Opinion Polls

Back to the big contest high opinion that you are allowed, by participating in the Polls panel, to win a fantastic iPod nano (and not only, read below for more information). not miss this great opportunity now to iscrivti High Opinion Polls

Paid to answer surveys? course you can!

addition to put at stake the iPod nano, High pays you to review the various polls that parteciparai.
fact, for every market investigation completed, high opinion will offer a prize. The prize, which can 'vary from 75 cents to take part in a ballot up to € 7 per an online questionnaire, you will be' statement before the survey.

>> Click here for more information about high opinion

Your prize you will be 'credited within 28 days from the date of participation in the market and when you reach a credit of € 20 you can request a of bonds listed below:

A € 20 voucher to spend at the UPIM
A € 20 voucher to spend presso i negozi La Rinascente
Un buono da €20 da spendere presso i negozi Cisalfa
Una ricarica telefonica Wind da €20
Una ricarica telefonica 3 da €20
Una ricarica telefonica Vodafone da €25
Una ricarica telefonica TIM da €20
Un buono da €20 da spendere in una vasta gamma di esercizi commerciali

Non perdere questa grande occasione, iscrivti subito ai Sondaggi Alta Opinione


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