Friday, September 28, 2007

Ironing Board Covers Martha Stewart

qualcuno può ancora dirsi UOMO

... the tragedy of Burma, there is still someone can be defined as man ... someone willing to risk their lives for the truth ... someone down his arms ...
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15:25 Some of the soldiers kneeling in front of the monks
Some soldiers put down their arms and knelt in front of a sign of respect to the monks in Mandalay yesterday , refers Khin Maung Win, deputy director of the Democratic Voice of Burma radio, which broadcasts from Oslo. The 33rd Division stationed in Mandalay, second largest city, will be replaced after soldiers refused to open fire. Troops refused to shoot at least one other occasion in Rangoon
today is perhaps a 'RED DAWN for the state of Burma ... there is no religion, skin color, social status or law before the man, his dignity' and to his right to freedom '


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