Monday, October 15, 2007

Haircolor For Rosacea

Stella marina

Walking on the beach, a man in the distance he saw a young man bent down to pick something up on the sand and throw it in the water.
closer, he saw many starfish scattered on the beach that the sea had driven to the shore. Unable to
return to the water at low tide, the starfish were destined to die.
The young man picked up one by one and threw them overboard.
Man, after watching this seemingly futile gesture, "said the young man:''
There will be thousands of starfish on this beach.
It 'impossible to collect them all. There are too many!
You'll never save enough 'cause that your hard work ... Auditors 'something'. The young man looked
And while collecting another star and cast into the sea, he replied:''
That certainly counts for something ...''


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