Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Ipsos - How to Make Money with Free Registration

Cos'è Ipsos?

Ipsos, società del gruppo multinazionale Ipsos, è una delle società leader in Italia nei servizi marketing research, most of which based survey. The strategy of the Ipsos Group is pursuing a policy of methodological and intellectual excellence in five areas of specialization: • Research on

Advertising Communication • Research on Marketing Mix
• Research on Media (traditional and new)
• Research Social and Public Opinion
• Research on Quality, Customer Satisfaction, CRM

Promotion Ipsos Ipsos

participating in surveys earn gift certificates to win a beautiful one-week vacation in the value of 3,000 Euro .

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But that does Ipsos Polls?

Ipsos offers various types of surveys, mainly:
  • Polls in Telecommunications
  • Media Polls in
  • Polls in Cars
  • Polls in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Polls in Goods Durable
  • Polls in the financial sector

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