Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What If Goku Married Bulma


Here are a couple of simple and profitable strategies for maximize your earnings with Polls proposed in this blog.

Strategies to Make Money Polls

Strategy # 1 - Quiet: 2 hours per week
  1. Subscribe to all panel proposed Blog: Global Test Market , ODC Opinion People , high opinion , , Lightspeed , Nielsen Net Ratings and

  2. spend some of your free time to fill in the Polls: 2 hours per week are ideal.

  3. If you are consistent over time and using all the panel, you will have a income (cash, bonds and purchase awards) for useful supplement your salary.

Strategy No. 2 - Aggressive: 12 Polls for Week
  1. Subscribe to Best 4 Sites Polls: Global Test Market , ODC Opinion People , high opinion ,

  2. Fill Polls for Week 3 for each site: Polls for Week 12.

  3. Continuing at this rate you'll have a good income in cash, phone recharge vouchers and purchase.


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