Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Much Does Vets Charge To Get A Cyst

Incredibile, mi hanno ascoltato (almeno in parte).

is true, passed away on Festivalbar, from the Arena as well as the square of Asiago, where he performed in 1990, even Mia Martini (yesterday, September 20, his birthday) in a piece of Enrico Ruggeri " More on Tomorrow "(no occhiobuio, you can not, we must vote for one of the three, like it or not).
And as for X-Factor (again?) Is looking for a new Italian pop star in the world I'd like to listen Mia Martini Sensi album and contradictions (1975).

Nevruz and Elio cleverly fished from the Italian repertoire immediately confronted with two items micadaridere as Mina (If calling ) and Demetrio Stratos ( closed fists). I think some girls, all before disappearing from the scene, could have benefited from a song like that. The album opens with the world ends with a bit 'of Brazil, as Would to Heaven (an actual song, introduced by instrumental Sensi) bears the signature of Sergio Bardotti and Vinicius De Moraes. In this case, however, without the x-factor of Mia Martini forget it (I suggest Tommassini to forget for a moment Madonna and find these four white chairs )

God grant (Sergio Bardotti - Vinicius De Moraes )

While "send to press" post, I come (I do not follow the assignments of the songs but just the tip of Tuesday) reported that Nathalie sing Little Man (leave it to Elio) great song we are discussing, choosing a bit 'obvious, but there is.


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