Sunday, September 19, 2010

Orbit Remote Starters

Giudicate il giudice

Enrico Ruggeri, as happens to Chico Buarque, is an author particularly inspired by the universe of women. Here are found the affinity to the Brazilian world, which is essential to merit a mention in the blog. With the premise is, let's go.
In a comment occhiobuio I asked what could be the first song that Ruggeri hear the voice of the competitors of X-Factor, and in fact "Winter sea" suggests that it is a good candidate (sung in the second edition, by Daniel Magro). In the same edition, but in the final, The Bastard Sons Of Dionysus "led" Countess. then propose a short survey. Which of these hit Ruggeri Lozza white are competitors to X-Factor? Click in the upper right to your vote. Push the button!

Dust ('83)

New swing ('84)

Rien ne va plus ('86)


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