Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can You Get High By Putting Cocaine On Gums

Se ci sei...batti un colpo!

The rnella Vanoni - LA GENTE AND ME ( Chev, Sr. and cerveja ")

(Caetano Veloso - Sergio Bardotti)

I do not know how, but "At one point, the disk that contains the Italian version of Chev, Sr. and Cerveja is 1974, while" Muitos carnavais "with the version of Caetano and 1977 ... probably in Brazil, the song has been launched and recorded by someone else / a. This just did not know! In
disc Vanoni (during which he founded his own label Ornella Vanilla ) there is also The apprentice poet (O poet apprendiz) Vinicius & Toquinho, always with the Italian version of Bardotti.


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