Monday, November 1, 2010

Neck Pain That Gets Wores

Fiera dei Santi

These, in my beloved village, are the days of All Saints' Fair, a pleasant nightmare for me, remembering when I lived in "Piassa gavevo and rides it under the windows." A rain that spring, with "pisaroti" that drapes down from above the stalls, I came to the inevitable "fritole co ' the maresina.
Now that, almost by accident, I pass the background in this beautiful "Festival de Saint" by Dani Gurgel me sounds like a nice coincidence, and pushes me to make a second post. Also thinking of all the saints, and in Brazil are so many, that at this time they will be to comment on the election of a spirited woman atheist, from next January 1, 2011 to lead the largest Catholic country in the world.


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