Sunday, July 22, 2007

Disness Princess Auditions 2010

oggi è una giornata Happy ....Hour !!!

Vasco say that Just A Little ... and maybe it's just so ... just a day at sea, the right music, some caiposka kiwi .. and especially your friends ... does not take much to thank you for 25 years and can live like this ... thank those who helped you to grow by staying away from all the shit that's out there, who taught you that for fun, for a day to remember For a while, just little ...
the big shot ... the gospel of yesterday spoke of contemplation ... I've just yesterday and I tried to contemplate my friends ... .. (in some cases an unforgettable spectacle :-)) and I wanted to stop a little 'things there .. like the movies, when the slow part. .. and then going home ... think ... we are growing that some are making choices, some already have already made ... other cradling their babies ... and you wonder if everything will remain as it is now, if something will change ... where will we be in 10 years ... or maybe just 5 ... for now watering it all with a caipiroska the kiwi and let's keep our soundtrack ... 're already in the happy hour ...


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