Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Undo An Sims 3 Update

comincia un viaggio....


When you set out for Ithaca

hope your road is long

full of adventure and discovery.

I Lestrigoni and the Cyclops, the angry Poseidon do not worry,

not be the sort of meetings

if your thoughts remain lofty, and the feeling

stirs your spirit and your body.

Cyclops, Lestrigoni, not Neptune or incurring the wrath

if you do not carry them within

soul if you do not set them up.

Pray that the road is long

that there be many summer mornings when

ports - and what a joy to finally touch the ground-you for the first time in

Phoenician trading stations to linger and buy

pearl and coral, amber and ebony

all fine merchandise, even

penetrating aromas of all kinds, the most intoxicating aroma

you can, go in many Egyptian cities

learn many things from products.

But do you think of Ithaca-Arriving there is the constant thought.

But do not hurry the journey;

if it lasts long, for years, and that old

you reach the island, you, rich

treasures gained on the way

without expect wealth to Ithaca.

Ithaca gave you the marvelous journey, without her you would never put

travel: what else do you expect?

And if you find her poor, Ithaca you will be disappointed.

Done wise now, with so much experience on

you already have understood what Ithaca mean.

Constantinos Cavafy


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