Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How To Hack Poptropica With Cheat Engine

...musica è.... #2

a period where the music tells you everything that you can not say .... and I let the music speak for me ... .....

be afraid to fall in love too
not disarm, not to spoil everything
not say anything to not betray the mind is a little pain but I can not endure more.
not turn up and do not call to talk about everything not to mention love to try to get a bit 'desire is just a real pain
Surrendering without fear, without faith in failed loves and not study to get drunk to get out of trust
Having finally out afraid to confess everything to the shame of falling in love too
finger the other women that I see is a slight pain to show entirely nude
fear and stifle healthy jealousy and control not tell you that you want to keep my
and instead go it is a real pain
Surrendering without fear without faith nei falliti amori e non studiarsi ubriacarsi di fiducia per uscirne finalmente fuori

Lucio Battisti


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