Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tech Deck Colored Trucks

...musica è.... #3

a period where the music tells you everything that you can not say .... and I let the music speak for me ... .....

Afterhours - Take Berlin

Morning Light Light

a strange day I lost
that change your destiny

It would be nice to not get more evil

Would not it be strange if we happen to
Even paradise
wants to be a hell
was all discounted
Until you fell
not it be nice
Berlin would not be strange
Take it without heroes
not it be nice to meet you

without fear of not ever end up
outside your door Doing the right thing

Be rational
While you dizzy

Would not it be nice
not make us more harm

It would not be a hero heroic

not Being lighter it would be strange

And not afraid to happen to us if

If you happen to
If we happen to us happen to us if


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