Saturday, January 22, 2011

Croscill Old Patterns

CV and cover letter

The graduates looking for a job are anxious to prepare a CV (preferably capable of communicating with those out there looking for someone to offer an internship / a fixed-term employment / work indefinitely and to differentiate our application compared to other CV pat.
not forget, however, the covering letter (another element to differentiate).
As we write (and an accompanying letter to the CV of a new graduate is not easy, I tried to propose some and it was not easy ..).
  • LENGTH: Short - up to 10 to 15 rows.
  • WHY 'IN THEIR OWN? How did you get the idea of \u200b\u200bsending your resume to the right person / the company?
  • CAPACITY 'ACQUIRED: not merely assert a principle Able to work under stress and subject to the timing dates "but giustificalo with an example" as I had to do during the internship at ACME when we were asked to install a new software functional within three days "/" Capable Teamwork "" Because of my involvement, as first clarinet, the band XY
  • MOTIVATION: " prefer to work in a small company like yours where it is easier to relate to more experienced colleagues " prefer to work in a big company like yours where you can relate with colleagues with diverse skills and complementary to those that I acquired during my university career "
  • RELATIONS WITH CV: Do not repeat what you wrote on your CV. something that they could not say" As you can see from my CV I have a Master / I did an internship / I dedicated my thesis to study issues relating to XX, which allowed me to acquire more specific skills than I had learned in university in relation to ... / Acquire a first experience in managing ..../ to get in touch with companies and industry executives who had dedicated my thesis.
  • wording. Try not to use clich├ęs.


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