Sunday, January 16, 2011

Psychiatrist Vancouver Bc

What were the most read post in December? The list was dominated for most of the month "Graduated with degree mark down. What do I do? ", Which was then superseded by" 2011 Internship at the European Commission ", which in just four days has become by far the most read post. Here's the situation at 31 December 2010.
1. 2011 Internships at the European Commission
2. Graduated with degree mark down. What do I do?

to chase, although distance of several, the third post:

3. European Europass Curriculum (I)
4. Section Hobbies and professional interests, the inclusion or not in the CV?
5. But they are all recommended. That is why they call me!
6. Question: law graduates go abroad
7. An MBA in 80 minutes
8. But the praise is for 110 and find a first job? But what good is your CV?
9. What is a RAL? And why should appeal to a graduate?
10. Question: But when a rating of low degree can be said?

In a month the next table.


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