Monday, January 10, 2011

Sorority Initiation White Dresses


1. STILL ON THE EXTRA-PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS IN THE CV (See pagg.69-71 of my book for reference)

are usually the last section of the CV. They provide a breeder who, besides your academic background, is also interested in understanding what kind / that girl you are. It's obvious is not it? We need you to try to differentiate and then not indicative of general interest (travel, reading, listening to music) but tries to show that you have your own personality (travel WHERE, WHAT read, listen to what music?).
Two lines - Two and a half lines at most. Interesting interests outside work you do with others (sports, alpine choirs, non-political student associations and the like)

2A. NOT I graduated with 110. No problem, we are already with me in two and I've never had occasion to regret for not having caught the 110th (with or without distinction).
2B. 100/110 99/110 AND RATINGS ARE LOW DEGREE? NO.

3. CV CON FOTO? Io non la metterei ma รจ una opinione personale. Se vuoi mettila pure ma usa foto tessera (niente foto con sfondo di qualsivoglia genere)


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