Sunday, January 23, 2011

Denise Milani, Nipple

I refuse to do a job that ....

'm just back from an interview with "OndeQuadre" the WebTV of the Politecnico di Torino. It should be airing Jan. 24 (then still public link so if people who want to enjoy it ..) in an episode of the Format "I refuse", dedicated to graduate and that begins with a series of "I refuse" of students from Poli interviewed by square waves.

I was very impressed with the declaration of a student "I refuse to do work NOT RELATED to what I study at universities'"

I agree that it is legitimate to want to do a job that we like and that is the natural continuation of what we studied in University (Time, budget, fatigue)

I am puzzled whether the statement is to be understood literally. Reasons:
  1. the dire situation of young people in the world of work. What if you are lucky enough to find a job but is not in line with the waste your studies? And then? There is someone who keeps you working while you're waiting for you?.
  2. the university as a center of the world. It's not that those who take them out do to meet your needs and make you do the job that you like. And they'll take THEIR you pay because you perform tasks that used to THEM. BUT HE NEVER SAID THAT REGARDLESS OF ANY CHOSEN THE BACHELOR IS ALWAYS A WORK IN THE FIELD?. Perhaps it is the case of engineering, but if I have a degree in Byzantine literature and I assume in Fiat or think that Telecom will continue to take care of Byzantine literature?. Another question non-trivial (BUT WE ARE SURE THAT IN UNIVERSITIES 'teach us all that is' inherent in working at least formally THAT SHOULD REPRESENT THE PROSECUTION OF OUR UNIVERSITY?)
seems to me that sometimes new graduates focus on the past, what they did, exams, grades, degree grade. Those who take on the future focus of recent graduates who are applying and are wondering what to do really know (and this probably has more than an internship or training experience that the fact that they have taken that exam or 30 in this awesome )

CONCLUSION: just doing a job we like and that is functional to the years spent in university, but usually if and when it happens is never the first job. After you've done a few years experience, you gain expertise, you have something to spend with those who are selecting staff then yes you can look around and look for a job that you really like, what you've always wanted to do (or maybe not, because in the meantime you changed your mind, and "being on the field have discovered that Actually do you like more .......)


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