Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Ministers argue the incentives and Sorgenia share

"It was a crazy start," admits Stefania Prestigiacomo. But now, says Environment Minister on the sidelines of the inauguration of the first plant Enel in Italy to capture and store the CO2 emitted by plants using fossil fuel, "we can not really penalize" an entire industry because of the wide boys. The minister speaks from Brindisi to Rome just as in preconsiglio, is in its confrontation with his colleague Paolo Romani on the decree for the reorganization of legislative support for renewables, according to the authority this year should be to weigh on the bill the Italians for 5, 7 billion.

Too many for the Minister of Development, which started to head down towards a scissor kick to the net incentives. The points at issue would be three: the roof to 8 thousand megawatts and total stop of 2014 for photovoltaics, retroactive cut of 30% on wind energy. A completely different the view of Prestigiacomo, who yesterday denied that the hypothesis of the roof is on the table and assured that the Council of Ministers tomorrow comes a shared text and more reasonable. In mid-stream, along with many companies active in clean energy, there is also Sorgenia. The group companies to the Cir-De Benedetti, Massimo Orlandi, only a few days ago she went to the Senate to call for a gear shift on incentives: close once and for all the match Cip6 and support the real sources. A defense motion, that of Sorgenia, as wind and solar are at the heart of its business, but not so farfetched. Suffice think that in 2010 the net cost to consumers on the CIP 6 stood at around 1.7 billion. The Roman offensive against the incentives to photovoltaics, which, it must be said, according to recent investigations of the GSE would have fed a lot of scams at the expense of taxpayers, is now in danger of changing gear, but in the opposite direction. And while Sorgenia seems to have decided to focus on the Milan Stock Exchange with an ambitious plan of about $ 1.2 billion to reach the two million total customers in 2016 with entry into the residential market, which provides integrated electricity and gas deals. The goal, according to Rodolfo De Benedetti is at hand.

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