Saturday, March 5, 2011

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The regions of the left boycott federalism

In the Council of Ministers yesterday morning, which launched the fourth implementation decree, that the municipal tax, "was not approved any extension" federalism and " My commitment is that after the approval of the decrees would have brought this proposal. Today has been given notice by the Council of Ministers on the extension request. " In the end, to make clear at the end of a day ruled by controversy and misconceptions, spoke the same Roberto Calderoli, in an interview to be published today on the 'Padania'. The Minister of Simplification ensures that "the objective is to close next May 20," and that a slip of the delegation "will cover any other orders as may be necessary."

Extension or not, the tension remains high. To light the fuse, the chairman of the Conference of the Regions. "The government have said that, since the content has not honored the agreement signed last December, the regional agreement on federalism is not for us." Vasco Errani, quiet for most of the day, it burst out like that, in the afternoon, after the State-Regions Conference, Palazzo Cornaro. And they all jumped on the chair. The regional federalism, for which the government and local authorities had closed on December 16 last year, a difficult arrangement, it is likely to jump. The question raised by the governor of Emilia Romagna red revolves around a series of commitments from Palazzo Chigi, starting from the funding of local public transport, then on the social security benefits notwithstanding.
Commitments, which ensures Calderoli, will be honored: "The government has reached an agreement with the regions, municipalities and provinces, the federal decree on the regional and provincial level, a number of conditions that the government intends to comply fully. Therefore the problem raised by the governor Errani not asked. " On the same wavelength as the minister, Raffaele Lease, according to which "the government confirms the commitment of resources and the 2011 regional federalism goes on as the city went ahead." "Let's wait deeds, not words," replied Errani, not satisfied with the assurances. Softer the position of governor of Lombardy, Roberto Formigoni: "I am convinced that the agreement with the government is possible, provided of course that is respected as we agreed in recent meetings, in particular the agreement on the resources." Optimistic, after reassurances Calderoli, the president of Lazio, Renata Polverini. "The government reiterated that it will maintain its commitment to the resources 2011. Any controversy, then, seems to me instrumental, "cut short the president of Piedmont, Roberto Cota.

The bicameral committee has however already started working on the decree on regional tax and cost of health standards. On the latter front, and check the hypothesis of the involvement of Istat in controls. But the question will investigate next week, when the examination of the decree will come more in vivo. Among the topics put under the magnifying glass also that of the benchmark regions on the model of which will set the standard of health. The decree provides that the State-Regions Conference will choose a shortlist of three to five virtuous indicated by the Treasury, but on the assumption of reasons to expect that the model is done directly by the top five. Finally, as confirmed by the rapporteur of the measure, Massimo Corsaro (PDL), there is the possibility to predict the zero IRAP, however, confined only to businesses who start a business. One option being studied, but which are being considered by both the practicability constitutional point of view and from that statement.

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