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What Is The Slogan Of Spicejet & Who Is The Ceo

Ten thousand people burned by the sun. The new decree on incentives for photovoltaic saves on the bills, but it will cost 7 million a month for social security

Seven million. Per month. The figure is not comparable to the 5.7 billion that the Italians would pay the bill in 2011 without scissors incentives for renewables, but provides a fairly clear idea of \u200b\u200bhow much the deck is short. Those seven million are, in fact, the money needed (calculated downward) to pay for the layoffs to 10 thousand workers who might be unemployed in the absence of changes to the decree approved last week by the Council of Ministers. If by one hand, in short, the cost of benefits to producers of energy from "clean" is likely to weigh too much on the citizens, the other the aid cutoff would be borne by the taxpayers, should bear the burden of public social safety nets.

The scenario outlined by the companies operating in the photovoltaic (GIFI-Anie) is clear: block for more than 40 billion of investment and use of IGC for more than 10 thousand workers. In detail, said the Chairman of Gifi, Valerio Christmas, the measure will result in "one stop orders for more than 8 billion and a cancellation of current contracts (20 billion) and already suspended per i quali le aziende dovranno procedere comunque al pagamento dei fornitori, senza ottenere il finanziamento previsto dalle banche». Esagerazioni? Forse. Sta di fatto che già lunedì, proprio mentre il presidente della Repubblica, Giorgio Napolitano, firmava il decreto, un’impresa del settore (che ha preferito restare anonima) ha comunicato di aver messo in mobilità 30 persone. A Treviso, come ha riportato Fabio Gava, membro della commissione Attività produttive della Camera, auspicando un provvedimento del governo che salvaguardi gli impianti «già autorizzati», un imprenditore ha minacciato di darsi alle fiamme se la legge non cambierà.

Al di là delle drammatizzazioni, è difficile negare that the compromise reached between the proprietor of Development, Paolo Romani, and the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo, leaving companies in a stalemate. Just think of the confusion that rules according to the decree of August last save Alcoa facilities that have applied before December 2010 have been given until May to be connected with and thus have access to generous incentives in the energy account 2. While those who have moved from the first of January will have incentives to please the lowest third of the energy account, but will also connect to the network by May. On what will happen after this deadline, finally, there is total darkness.
It is no coincidence that both Yesterday, ministers have rushed to announce the establishment of a reliable regulatory framework as soon as possible. Romans may be enough for "two weeks". Prestigiacomo for the days of waiting will be at least "twenty." But both seem willing to press the accelerator.

The comparison with operators, and which includes banks, has been set for Friday. The match, however, is anything but simple. The Government's intention, as explained by the Environment Minister, is in fact to "establish a system to moralize the industry because we have the highest incentives in Europe." A cake tempts not only for honest entrepreneurs, but also to those scoundrels who, according to the latest surveys of the GSE, representing 15% of the total. According to figures provided yesterday by the Romans, if "the government had not intervened, the 3.7 billion" for 2011 provided in the bill if they would add "another 3.5 PV of the incentives." It would, therefore, of 7.2 billion and 5.7 of those estimated by the Authority of energy.
Despite the impressive figures, there are those who can not see us at the stop light of the government. "I doubt," said Undersecretary Gianfranco Micciche in an interview with Reservoir Dogs, "a decree that is pushed by those who do not like very much renewable. " One thing, he added, "is certain: it is a wrong law, it must change, absolutely. Or do you like that or the government falls. "

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