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33° minuto

forces you to go back for a moment, the previous post where you can hear a sample translation, very faithful to the original text. Some obvious adaptation. A medida do Bonfim becomes (and in fact is) the lucky ribbon: a ribbon of length, not random, 47 cm, connected with the cult of the Senhor do Bonfim, to be set wrist with three knots to bind three wishes .... It's all here. Or do disk Pixinguinha , author of poignant choros, becomes "the disc moonlight" for the need to remain in the eight syllables. As nossas melhores lembranças , or our best memories, becomes "an air of eternal vacation," which respects metric and rhyme and even adds something to the original text. That is to say the previous post.

Instead Fio Maravilha this translated to a very young Loretta Goggi is an example of an adaptation of the totally free, to the limit of non-sense, as a text dedicated to one of the many beautiful, football history is distorted in a really ugly, unlikely, silly.

Loretta Goggi - Fio Maravilha (from "Formula Two" 1973)

Fio Maravilha's story is that of Sales João Batista, with striker good numbers and weird teeth, who starred in an episode to be collected directly from the ramparts of Flamengo Jorge Ben. The incident dates back to 1972. Friendly with Benfica (or perhaps a national championship game, I read conflicting reports). Sales João Batista is sitting on the bench, but the public wants in the field by encouraging the exchange: " Fio Maravilha de nós gostamos voice . "If Mario Zagallo he did not enter the repertoire of Jorge Ben lacking today one of his most famous hit. In 33 of the second time it took our ball, discard the entire defense, well beyond the goalkeeper but not to persecute "dead man" to avoid the humiliation of get in the door with the ball. The goal, however, marks it. In qesto episode, Jorge Ben sees the synthesis of the best football of fantasy and improvisation, but also absolute respect for the opponent. Doing a television report that a song has made several times around the world.
History has a strange ending, so-called " disbanded" since João Batista Sales sued Jorge Ben, convinced by their lawyer to be able to claim a part of royalties: lost cause, with a lot of litigation costs to be paid, even if Jorge Ben opted to change Fio Maravilha in the title Filho Maravilha. Today, João Batista Sales training youth teams and pizza delivery service in that of San Francisco CA (the city that welcomed him in his last experience as a professional, playing in SF Mercury) things seem to be answered without rancor between the player and the musician and with the return of the original use. For the version I chose a Brazilian Tania Maria year '75, so I have the opportunity to mention an artist not yet passed on the blog ...

Tania Maria - Fio Maravilha ('75)


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