Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rabbit Runs Around Cage

Street investment Fiat, took first in Pomigliano

The precise date had been fixed and announced in early February, but the first eight recruitment took place yesterday in Pomigliano still represent a event in the course of the new Fiat. The first concrete step towards the realization of the project factory in Italy which is linked to the fate of the group, one of thousands of workers and the future of industrial relations and trade unions. The eight employees of the new company that will build the new Panda are three women and five men. All technicians who will support the new managing director and plant manager Giambattista Vico, Sebastiano Garofalo. They will coordinate the recruitment of future workers. At least 300 by July and then gradually all the 5600 employees of the old society.

But to keep bench yesterday, despite the official start of the new project was the attention given by the prestigious Financial Times, the young scion of the Agnelli family, John Elkann. The London-based financial newspaper, the president has reserved the Lingotto a full-bodied portrait-interview in which the President of the Lingotto is defined as' the unexpected heir who saved the family jewels. " It is to him, according to the FT, that we owe the successful acquisition of two moves 20% of Chrylser and the spin-off. Two operations, says, "unthinkable for the generations that preceded him and also for the other family car in Europe, such as Peugeot and BMW's Quandt."

celebrations and self-congratulation aside (the young Agnelli tells his adventurous and difficult adolescence spent working undercover in a factory for assembling lights in Birmingham), announces that the Exor Elkann would give its support to the hypothesis of a dilution of 30% stake in Fiat in front of a project to create a larger company. It is, in essence, the scenario evoked more times by Sergio Marchionne ("could not get a better partner," Elkann said of him) of a full merger between Chrysler and Fiat. Option that would not hurt, as we have said, our country, because "going abroad does not mean that what is in Italy is reduced." In any case, Elkann says, 'pride in their roots should not be a brake on growth. " In any case, it reveals a number of Fiat and Exor, a holding company controlled by the Agnelli family has provided over one billion euro for new investments. And additional resources could result from the use of leverage and the proceeds of disinvestment. These include confirmation Elkann, could Alpitoru beings also, "if you present a good opportunity."

Meanwhile, the enthusiasm comes from Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, who yesterday presented Marchionne with the launch of the Fiat 500 model 2012, which will take place in the Chrysler plant in Toluca. From there, the car will be exported mainly to North America but also in China, beginning in the fourth quarter of 2011. The at the Lingotto is also considering the possibility of producing another Fiat model, while between June and July will be introduced into production lines in Mexico are also three models Alfa Romeo.
As regards relations with Russia, after the stop negotiations with Sollers, Marchionne said he was in contact with other manufacturers. "We must find the right path in terms of time and money," he said, "I think we have until April to finalize."

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