Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Death Anniversary Sample

Apparentemente la RAL continua a creare perplessità tra i lettori del blog.

Cerco di riepilogare per l'ultima volta:

The RAL is the gross annual salary that your employer pays you (assuming you were able to win the competition of all the other recent graduates and grab a job for an indefinite period). ; In detail, the RAL includes:
  • Minimum contract: defined by collective agreements in category (Negotiable) depending on the level of corporate framework. For example where I work (CCNL Metalworkers): Fifth> sixth> seto professional> seventh level> framework, manager)
  • seniority : is a fixed amount determined as CCNL . After a certain number of years they give you an automatic increase (not much there to gasarsi)
  • contingency allowance: a fixed amount determined as per the Negotiable and based on the level framing business
  • Superminimi : Negotiable, but not by amount custom
added together the separate elements to get the RAL. Caution is the gross pay and you have to deduct social security contributions (pension!) and the / fees (taxes) that the employer pays the employee's behalf (so you get less money divided into single monthly)


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