Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Happened To Yahoo Pool


Bulk few questions with my answers.

1. HOW TO PUT IN THE CURRICULUM I did the animation? Entertainer, hostess, lifeguard, waitress all activities that we can enter into a section of the CV called "activities".
WARNING if you are new graduates of all work activities which in themselves are not worth anything unless:
  • in jobs you have done in reality there is more than what yourself you realize (the example of the bartender that I put in my book pag.62 of my book). For those who have not yet bought the book: you did the facilitator, or were the manager / coordinator of the team of animators? You were a pop-up or do you do to create and stage events. Not quite the same thing.
  • the true value of all the various "jobs" that you did during his time at university is the fact that shows that you were ready to whisk for a minimum of economic independence. If your CV is not the way to do it out in the letter.
2. DEGREE IN LAW ABROAD / BRUSSELS FOR LAW - How does a degree in Girisprudenza to go abroad? In recent weeks I have already published a series of posts where he reported a series of practical training (paid) at the European Commission and EU agencies. If, however, was the desire to fit in a legal non-Italians .... seems very difficult but can be groped to send a good CV in English (I have posted on a blog and you see another page. 144. Instinctively, it seems very difficult but I admit that a few years ago I met a graduate who had sent a resume to a British study and had been offered a place in Hong Kong (and if the CV rather than sending them to Law Firm based in London send them to their home in Hong Kong and Shanghai?)


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