Friday, February 18, 2011

What To Wear To The Ahmanson

questions (and answers MIE) (VI) or maybe (VII)

Some questions / comments that have come around / i:

1. My boss is' A RECOMMENDED: Down with the Recommended principle. This for those under this, if the boss is competent, is concerned with his team and so on. the fact that it is recommended that paradoxically may be helpful, to the extent that, under the recommendation, is able to obtain resources and promotions to its team. If it is only recommended in that it is incompetent and exploits those who are under the only option is to resist, resist, Resstende until you find a better place.

2. WHAT I LOOK FOR NEW GRADUATES? Probably a workplace where achieved, begin to earn money and build a future.

3. GRADUATES INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Sorry, just read my book "I graduated! And now?" (Pp. 115-126).


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