Sunday, February 13, 2011

Density Shown On Lung X Ray..what Does It Mean

Facendo i conti

am always surprised to discover how many songs have ended up in the Brazilian discs di cantanti italiani. Finora m’era sfuggito il fatto che Tosca avesse duettato con Chico Buarque, in un disco del 97 ( Incontri e passaggi) , nella versione italiana di Trocando em Miúdos di Chico Buarque e Francis Hime (e sottolineo Francis Hime). La canzone, nella versione italiana di Sergio Bardotti, che ne fa al solito un’ottima traduzione/adattamento, era già inclusa nell’album Fio de Meada di Olivia Hime (sì, moglie di ...) con il titoli di Dividersi i resti .

The text, as you can imagine, speaks of the painful, annoying, but sometimes unavoidable need to divide things when you leave. Even little things, like a book or a record, maybe shared for a long time. I have never borne me restitute were gifts beyond the value or significance of the gift. I happened with objects that had given importance and that rather than find them in your hand I'd rather have pawned or rendered, as suggested by the words of the song. Sharing the remains becomes the disc Tosca, By the accounts , removing a certain nuance to the title funeral. They are even more Alcione and Emilio Santiago, in a more soft, almost danceable, take it with a lighter spirit and ironic. Power samba ....


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